Slanguages Impact Podcast

Laura Ludtke

Rajinder Dudrah explores the impact of the Slanguages project on local communities, art, performance, and research in a special podcast for Creative Multilingualism.

He interviews 7 different artists about how languages interact with their work and creative process. While the impact of research can have is often measured in terms of social, cultural, and economic and physical well-being, Rajinder has encouraged these artists to also think about how Slanguages has contributed to their own development, thinking, creativity, language uses, language learning.

    Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo (6:46 –13:11), poet and playwright, discusses her plays Between Two Rocks and Jungi.

    Rupinder Kaur (13:29 – 19:17), a writer, performer and creative curator from Birmingham, talks about her many collaborations with Slanguages, from workshops on translating Russian drama into contemporary British hip-hop to the play, Jugni

    Lekan Babalola (19:18 –23:33), a Grammy Award-winning musician, percussionist, and poet from Birmingham, reflects on how the creative partnerships formed during theYoruba Sonnets project continue to flourish. 

    Nick Drew (23:40 – 28:08), a Birmingham-based graphic designer, discusses his work on the travelling Slanguages Exhibition in partnership with Punch Records, which featured performances by RTKAL, a grime artist, Rinkoo Barpaga, a deaf comedian and film maker, and Lekan Babalola. 

    Noah Birkstead-Breen (28:12 – 33:46), a post-doctoral research associate with Creative Multilingualism and artistic director of the Sputnik Theatre Company, shares his experience working with Stanza Divan and Lady Sanity on Fam, a fictionalised hip-hop documentary drama about their lives.

    Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou & Darryl Georgiou (Georgiou & Tolley) (33:50 – 39:47), artists, film-makers, and educators working with ArtsLab International, dig into their expansive new multimedia project, Hinterland: Sound and Picture Poems, which is renegotiates the archive and addresses concerns of untranslatability. 

    Nathaniel Telemaque (39:52 – 46:32), a visual artist from London, looks back at his audio-visual essay Sounds Like Harlesden and his recent photo essay 'Neighbourhood'.

    The 'Slanguages Impact Podcast' was produced by Georgiou & Tolley/ArtsLabInternational.

    The podcast features 'Bol' (Speak) by Handsworth-based artist Rozart (@Rozart_producer on Instagram) and 'A Word is Worth 1000 Pictures' by Bonsah, used with a Creative Commons Licence.