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Slanguages is exploring the creative way artists employ and take inspiration from languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Patois, Pidgin, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Urdu, urban sign languages, and Yoruba. The project is wide-ranging and includes exhibitions, performances, and collaborations with artists, creative professionals and partners such as Punch Records, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, and Sputnik Theatre Company, London.

In the words of Simon Redgrave, Head of Creative Development at Punch Records, "Slanguages is about different languages climbing into each other’s cars and driving away. It's about the collision of languages."

Current and upcoming Slanguages activities:

13 March 2020 at Birmingham REP: The body, making and (s)languaging: A workshop for performers and practitioners. This workshop will explore how and when the performer’s body might disrupt otherwise dominant uses of language. Places are free but limited.

On, Raveeta Banger writes about The Diaspora Screen Media Network of which Slanguages' Professor Rajinder Dudrah is a member. The network explores the new developments taking place in Black British and British Asian cinema and screen media in the digital age. Read the blog to find out more:

Sounds Like Harlesden: an audio-visual essay by Pesolife Collective created in collaboration with Slanguages.

A Million Welcomes: an art-based initiative created by Redhawk Logistica encouraging dialogues about language and multilingualism.

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Oxygen - a hip hop translation

Slanguages and community projects

Yoruba Sonnets

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Multilingual poetry

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