The Creative Power of Metaphor Conference output: Metaphor and Linguistic Diversity

This theme explores the significance of linguistic diversity for metaphor theory. It focuses on linguistic and cultural variability and how these factors affect and interact with thought. Watch the overview film below to find out more:

The Creative Power of Metaphor Conference: Metaphor and Linguistic Diversity

On this page, you can find the keynote speech, panel discussion and poster presentations on the theme of Metaphor and Linguistic Diversity from The Creative Power of Metaphor Conference in March 2019.

You can see a list of further reading on the topic of Metaphor and Linguistic Diversity here.

You can also view the multimedia output from the other themes explored at the conference: Metaphor and Emotion, Metaphor and Communication, and Metaphor and Creativity.


Keynote: Language as a formative force in cognition

Speaker: Lera Boroditsky

This talk explores the extent to which language affects thought and the implications that linguistic variability has for a comprehensive theory of metaphor.

Watch the talk

Lera Boroditsky keynote on Metaphor and Linguistic Diversity


Panel discussion on Metaphor and Linguistic Diversity

Panellists: Avelino Corral, Simon Devylder, Kristina Despot, Louise McNally

Watch the panel discussion

Panel discussion on metaphor and linguistic diversity


Poster presentations: Metaphor and Linguistic Diversity

Below you can see all the posters which featured in the poster presentation session on the theme of Metaphor and Linguistic Diversity at the Creative Power of Metaphor Conference in March 2019. You can view the posters in pdf form and watch interviews with the presenters.


Océane Abrard & Dejan Stosic: Towards a cross-linguistic study of meaning alternation

View the poster (pdf)

Oceane Abrard poster


Letizia Cerqueglini: Metaphorical Uses of Cardinal Directions in Traditional Bedouin Arabic Dialects

View the poster (pdf)

Letizia Cerqueglini poster


Kristina Despot & Ana Ostroški Anić: A method for language specific metaphorical conceptualization analysis

View the poster (pdf)

Ana Ostroski Anic poster


Lu Jin: The Metaphorical Correspondence between Moral Emotions and Seasons in Neo-Confucianism

View the poster (pdf)

Lu Jin poster


Julia Ostanina-Olszewska: Conceptualizations of UP and DOWN in cross-cultural communication

View the poster (pdf)

Julia Ostanina-Oleszeqska poster


Xiaojuan Tan: An inter-disciplinary metaphor study in China-US trade relationship

View the poster (pdf)

Xiaojuan Tan poster


Annika Tjuka: The heel of the bread and the tongue of the sea – Body-part metaphors in object and landscape terms

View the poster (pdf)

Annika Tjuka poster


Sally Zacharias: The moon in narrative, metaphor and reason: A multilinguistic perspective

View the poster (pdf)

Sally Zacharias poster


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