OWRI Student Language Ambassador Programme Evaluation Report

Raised hands in an auditorium
Laura Ludtke

The OWRI Student Language Ambassador Programme was designed to increase the number of students progressing in the study of a language from GCSE to A level in four regions across the UK.

Pupils participated in either:

  1. the 'short programme', comprising two classroom interventions led by undergraduate Ambassadors on the themes of Translation and Careers with Language as well as a visit to a university during which pupils were given a guided tour in the language, a language-learning taster session, and a taster lecture given by academic staff on a relevant topic,

  2. the 'extended programme', in which those GCSE pupils who indicated they were less certain they would study a language at A level were offered an intensive mentoring programme in addition to the components of the 'short programme'.

The report found that the programme led to a noticeable uptake in the number of pupils continuing a language at A level. While 14% of pupils on the 'short programme' chose to progress in their language study post-16 (an increase in the national progression rates ranging from 6% to 8% in French, German, and Spanish), the progression rate rose to 29% for pupils who benefitted from the mentoring on the 'extended programme'. Other key findings about the positive impact of the programme can be found in the report below.

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