(Re)creating Modern Languages: Toolkit

Laura Ludtke

(Re)creating Modern Languages: Conversations about the Curriculum in UK Higher Education

This toolkit is designed to support colleagues who are planning to review the teaching in their institution. It offers frameworks for thinking through and planning comprehensive curriculum change, drawing on the experience of colleagues from a wide range of UK Modern Languages departments who have recently undertaken these changes or are working through them at the time of writing. It also showcases examples of excellent and innovative practice at module level, providing ideas for (re)thinking how language departments can work with external partners to enhance student experience. The toolkit provides a range of models for thinking about how language degrees are structured.

Download the (Re)Creating Modern Languages: Toolkit here>>

(Re)creating Modern Languages is a joint venture between Cardiff University and the University of Oxford. It was developed with funding provided by Creative Multilingualism, one of four research programmes funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC-UKRI) in the context of the Open World Research Initiative.