Multilingual Performance Project: South West Launch

20 June 2018
4.15 - 6.30 pm
Prime Theatre @ the Wyvern, Swindon



Join us for our next Multilingual Performance Project workshop, hosted by Prime Theatre at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon.

The exciting new Multilingual Performance Project will be working with teachers to showcase and celebrate the multilingual nature of schools and demonstrate how multilingualism can interact creatively with teaching in the classroom, promoting both taught languages and the use of community languages. The project will reach across England and Wales and will run from Spring 2018 to Summer 2020.

Why? Main aims include building confidence among teachers in conducting creative work in school, increasing awareness of the creative dimension of languages and generating enthusiasm for language learning.

What? The project will involve different forms of performance from short sketches, play readings and news broadcasts through to full theatre productions. The scope of each project and the participants involved will be based on the school’s interests, resources and needs. Commitment can be low and performances can be small-scale, avoiding unnecessary additional pressure on teacher time. We will help establish relationships between participating schools and their local theatres, who will support these multilingual performances. The project will also provide online resources which will complement in-school activity.

The launch: We would love to welcome all interested language teachers, there’s no commitment to sign up to the project at this stage. Refreshments will be provided and you’re very welcome to invite along performing arts/drama teacher colleagues from your school to come with you too!

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Feedback from our Midlands launch event:

“It was a lot of fun – but also very useful. I have already tried out several of the ideas with my classes (and own children), with great success.” Spanish Teacher, Birmingham

For more information please email the project’s director:

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