The languages of verse: multilingualism and poetry

6 June 2018
6.30 - 8pm
Free Word Centre, London, EC1R 3GA



Many of us lead multilingual lives. But how do multilingual poets use their languages in their art?

Poetry is a celebration of language – or languages. Multilingual poets use languages in surprising and creative ways. How do they approach their art? What value do they see in speaking multiple languages? And what can we learn about the approach to language and language learning in the UK?

Join us for an evening of discussion and readings by multilingual poets. Chris McCabe, Joint Librarian of the Poetry Library in London, poet and author Wioletta Greg, and writer Livia Franchini join the conversation.

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This is the second in a series of English PEN events about multilingualism developed in partnership with Oxford University and SOAS as part of the Creative Multilingualism project.

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