Creative Multilingualism Conference 2018: Creative Multilingual Identities

Multilingual signs
2 - 3 February 2018
12.30 - 7pm (Friday) & 9.30am - 4.45pm (Saturday)
The University of Reading, Institute of Education

Creative Multilingualism, an interdisciplinary and multi-university research team led by the University of Oxford, invites you to a two-day conference on Creative Multilingual Identities, to be held at the University of Reading, Institute of Education, Friday 2 February – Saturday 3 February 2018. There is no charge for attendance at the conference or for refreshments over the two days.

The concept of multilingual identities has become an increasingly important one in contemporary social, literary and educational discourse in recent years (e.g., Duff, 2015 Taylor,. 2013; Toohey & Norton, 2010). The aim of this two-day conference is to explore how creative processes create and shape multilingual identities. Particular areas of focus will include:

  • the fluid nature of people’s linguistic identities in multilingual settings
  • the ways engaging with artistic/cultural practitioners shapes multilingual identity
  • the relationship between language and multilingual identity
  • parents and teachers working creatively to support young people’s development of their multilingual identity


Conference programme

(Download a printable pdf of the programme)

Friday, 2 February 2018:

12.30: Registration and lunch (Room G07)

  Lecture Theatre Room G03
1.30 Welcome, Katrin Kohl Welcome, Martin Maiden
1.45–2.15 Between English and Italian: Storytelling and Translation in the U.S, Matthew Reza Strategic and creative translanguaging in online social contexts and the implications for modern language learning interactions, Lina Adinolfi and Caroline Tagg
2.15–2.45 Shaping Multilingual Belonging in Angelika Overath’s Bilingual Poetry, Richard McClelland The influence of multilingual identity on foreign language learning, Karen Forbes and Angela Gayton
2.45–3.15 Constructing language-learning identities through metaphoric representations of ‘Germanness’ in UK private and public discourses, Heike Krüsemann Translation Zone(s): Exploring multilingual identities through embodied and participatory art practice, Heather Connelly


(room G04)


(room G04)

4.00–4.30 Translanguaging Art. Situating the relationship between language and multilingual identity within the context of contemporary art, Dobrochna Futro Critical plurilingual/pluricultural trajectories of African and Latin-American emerging scholars in North America, Mama Nii Owoo and Yecid Ortega
4.30–5.00 The self-translation of mental verbs in Beckett’s trilogy, Waqas Mirza A Creative/Critical Exploration of Home and Belonging in Contemporary German and British Poetry, Sarah Stutt
5.00–5.45 Does Modern Languages in the UK need a new identity?  Does Modern Languages in the UK need a new identity? 

5.45–7.00: Drinks reception (G07)

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Welcome (Lecture Theatre)

Nature’s Many Languages: Learning and Creativity in a Linguistically and Bioculturally Diverse World (Lecture Theatre)

A roundtable discussion with Dr John Fanshawe, Dr Andrew Gosler, Dr Karen Park, and Dr Felice S Wyndham

Coffee (G04/G07)

Linguistic and Cultural Hybridity as Sources of Creativity, Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele (Lecture Theatre)

Performance by Amerah Saleh and Bohdan Piasecki, Free Radical (as part of the Beatfreeks Collective) (Lecture Theatre)

Lunch (G04/G07)

Workshop 1 – Identity and Multilingualism for Parents and Teachers (Lecture Theatre/G03)

Tea (G04/G07)

Workshop 2 – Sign Language and IdentityRinkoo Barpaga (Lecture Theatre)

Community Languages in UK Schools, chaired by Professor Terry Lamb (Lecture Theatre)

List of Speakers

Dr Lina Adinolfi, Lecturer in English Language Teaching, the Open University

Rinkoo Barpaga, Freelance filmmaker, Stand-up Comedian, Street photographer, English-BSL translator & Artist Director

Dr Heather Connelly, Research Fellow, Birmingham City University

Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele, Professor in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism, Birkbeck, University of London

Dr John Fanshawe, Senior Strategy Advisor, BirdLife International

Dr Karen Forbes, Lecturer in Second Language Education, University of Cambridge

Dobrochna Futro, PhD Student, University of Glasgow

Dr Andrew Gosler, University Research Lecturer in Ornithology and Conservation, University of Oxford, and Co-Investigator Creative Multilingualism

Dr Heike Krüsemann, Postdoctoral Researcher, Creative Multilingualism, University of Reading

Professor Terry Lamb, Professor of Languages and Interdisciplinary Pedagogy, and Head of the Centre for Teaching Innovation, University of Westminster

Dr Richard McClelland, Lecturer in German, University of Oxford

Carey Mayzes, Assistant Principal, Linton Village College

Waqas Mirza, DPhil Student, University of Oxford

Yecid Ortega, PhD Student/Graduate Researcher, University of Toronto

Mama Nii Owoo, PhD Student/Graduate Researcher, University of Toronto

Dr Karen Park, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, and Co-Investigator Creative Multilingualism

Bohdan Piasecki, Free Radical (part of the Beatfreeks Collective)

Dr Matthew Reza, John Fell Fund Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Faculty Lecturer and Italian Language Tutor, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford

Amerah Saleh, Free Radical (part of the Beatfreeks Collective)

Sarah Stutt, PhD Student, University of Hull

Dr Anna Wolleb, Centre for Literacy & Multilingualism, University of Reading

Dr Felice Wyndham, Postdoctoral Researcher, Creative Multilingualism, University of Oxford


Tickets for the conference are now sold out but you can follow the conference on Twitter on the hashtag #creativeml18.

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