Creative Multilingualism Conference 2018: Creative Multilingual Identities

The University of Reading, Institute of Education


Multilingual signs


Friday 2 February – Saturday 3 February, The University of Reading, Institute of Education

Creative Multilingualism, an interdisciplinary and multi-university research team led by the University of Oxford, invites you to a two-day conference on Creative Multilingual Identities, to be held at the University of Reading, Institute of Education, Friday 2 February – Saturday 3 February 2018. There is no charge for attendance at the conference or for refreshments over the two days.

The concept of multilingual identities has become an increasingly important one in contemporary social, literary and educational discourse in recent years (e.g., Duff, 2015 Taylor,. 2013; Toohey & Norton, 2010). The aim of this two-day conference is to explore how creative processes create and shape multilingual identities. Particular areas of focus will include:

  • the fluid nature of people’s linguistic identities in multilingual settings
  • the ways engaging with artistic/cultural practitioners shapes multilingual identity
  • the relationship between language and multilingual identity
  • parents and teachers working creatively to support young people’s development of their multilingual identity



Booking for the conference is now open. Tickets are free, but registration is required: 

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