Slanguages exhibition

The Slanguages exhibition, curated by our Languages in the Creative Economy Strand in collaboration with Punch Records, features the work, archives and ephemera related to the work of three Birmingham-based artists who use different languages in their musical and artistic work.

The artists featured in the exhibition include: RTKAL, a grime artist, Rinkoo Barpaga, a deaf comedian and film maker, and Lekan Babalola, a percussionist and musician. All use different forms of language in their work.

Based on research undertaken by the Creative Economy project team, Slanguages explores how these artists work with multi-languages, different popular cultures and British urban street styles in the formation of their music and related artwork. The exhibition also illustrates how multilingual languages and performance are used and taken up by different artists in their creative work in Birmingham’s cultural industries.

Oxford launch overview film

Oxford launch full film

Birmingham launch overview film

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