Here you'll find helpful resources to help teach languages creatively and to celebrate multilingualism in your school.

Careers films: How languages can help in your career

Our careers films features interviews with people from a huge variety of careers (including poet, film director, lawyer, journalist, rapper, and more!) to discover how languages have helped them in their career. 

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We are Children of the World

A multilingual composition which includes songs in Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Swahili and Urdu. Resources include Powerpoint guides to teaching the song, lyrics, score and backing track.

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Creativity and Learning Modules

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Three modules designed to take you through a set of materials to help you understand what creativity is, how it is related to language learning, and how to plan lessons and materials to develop learners' general and linguistic creativity through some practical activities. You can also find out more about our research project and what we discovered about creativity and language learning.

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Creative poetry exercises for schools

The exercises explored in these videos aim to help inspire and encourage creative poetry writing in schools. They work particularly well in multicultural schools where pupils speak many different languages and help to demonstrate how languages can be used as a tool for creativity.

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Multilingual Performance Project

The Multilingual Performance Project aims to build confidence among teachers in conducting creative work in school, increase the creative dimension of languages & generate enthusiasm for language learning. 

Find out more about the project, or download our resource packs:

Get Involved!

Stay Involved!

MFL in Primary

Celebrating Community Languages

Produce Your Own MFL Role Play Competition!

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Multilingual drama teaching activities

Short films demonstrating drama activities which can be used to enhance the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages.

Multilingual teaching games

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BirdWords in a Global Classroom

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The BirdWords resources explore the connection between language, culture and nature through the naming of birds. Each activity includes a summary and explanation of the activity's purpose, plus details of any materials needed. There are also suggestions of variations and extensions to the activities, as well as ideas for some follow-on activities.

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Creative teaching resources for French and German (Yr9)


These teaching resources have been created by Creative Multilingualism's Language Learning strand which has been exploring the impact of creative teaching materials on pupils' learning and views on language study. 

The resources are designed for Year 9 pupils studying French and / or German. There are two types of materials available for each language: literary and factual. 

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Multilingual poetry teaching guides

These guides show how to use poetry to discuss different aspects of multilingualism and identity, and encourage pupils to create their own multilingual poems. They were created by researchers from Creative Multilingualism's World Literatures strand.

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All the world is our stage

All the world is our stage

This Creative Multilingualism project, run by Eneida Garcia Villanueva, had the chief goal of giving visibility to heritage languages – traditionally not included in the curriculum – and raising awareness about multilingualism. Suggested activities adopt a translanguaging pedagogy inviting reflection on the theme 'language and identity'. Materials supporting the design and delivery of this multilingual performance can be used or adapted as required. Resources are available on FigShare.

All the World is Our Stage: Primary Pupils Never Lost in Translanguaging – Webinar Series >>

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Teaching guides for creating short films in any language

These teaching guides and resources (available in 4 different languages) help to support teachers and students to make short films in any language, using free and easily accessible equipment. The guides include information on how to script, shoot, edit and subtitle a film.

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Babel: Adventures in Translation

The Babel: Adventures in Translation exhibition is running at the Weston Library, Oxford until 2 June 2019. To complement the exhibition, we've produced a set of translation teaching resources based on some of the objects in the exhibition. You can use the resources alongside a visit to the exhibition or as stand-alone resources in the classroom.

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Other useful online teaching resources

eTwinning: an online community for schools in Europe

5 ways to create a creative language classroom

British Council: Ideas for using the coursebook creatively

Oxford German Network teaching resources

Cambridge Online German lesson plans

Urban languages toolkit