All the World is Our Stage - Webinar Series

All the World is Our Stage: Primary Pupils Never Lost in Translanguaging

This OWRI-funded project celebrates linguistic diversity and reflects on the multilingual, multicultural and superdiverse society represented in Glasgow today. This multilingual performance supports the teaching and learning journey of primary schooling in non-affluent areas of the city. Acknowledging that embedding every community language in the curriculum is not feasible, we specifically focus on creating contexts where the languages spoken at home enjoy the same status as those taught at school.

Translanguaging is both design and interaction and as such, pupils work together to choose traditional songs and rhymes and script a multilingual play, which they subsequently perform in a local theatre to main language stakeholders in Scotland, families, MPs, policy makers and also other schools so it can be subsequently emulated. Signposting the pilgrimage towards a lifelong love of languages, childrens’ voices are heard and empowered with the autonomy to design and bring their own project to life.

Principal Investigator: Eneida Garcia Villanueva (Heriot-Watt University)

Episode 1: Introduction & Timeline

Episode 2: Translanguaging

Episode 3: Teachers Pack

Episode 4: Project Introduction

Episode 5: Preparatory Activities – Suggested Delivery

Episode 6: Collaborative Project – Lower Primary

Episode 7: Collaborative Project – Upper Primary

Episode 8: Multilingual Performance – Lower Primary Tips

Episode 9:Multilingual Performance – Upper Primary Tips

Episode 10: Feedback & Farewell

This Webinar series the fruit of the collaboration between:

  • Eneida García Villanueva, Principal Investigator (University of Glasgow, School of Modern Languages and Cultures)
  • Rebecca Cameron, Creative Partner
  • Andrea Wieler-Goodbrand, Creative Partner (The Language Hub, Creative Language Learning Social Enterprise)
  • Ms Tracy Harrison, Parent
  • Ms Lucie Philips, Parent

Special thanks to Dr Andrew Wilson for video editing the series.

We are ever-grateful for the participation in the pilot project of:

  • Ms Ruddy, Head Teacher (Whinhill Primary School)
  • Whinhill Primary School Teaching Workforce
  • Whinhill Primary School Pupils
  • Whinhill Primary School Parents

View and download resources: Garcia Villanueva, Eneida (2019): All the World is Our Stage: primary pupils never lost in translanguaging. figshare. Collection.

AHRC award reference AH/N004701/1. © 2018 Eneida Garcia Villanueva, All Rights Reserved. Funded by Creative Multilingualism as part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council's Open World Research Initiative (OWRI).