We are Children of the World: teaching resources

Creative Multilingualism wants to shine a spotlight on the many languages spoken in the UK's schools and communities. We commissioned a choral piece by composer Lin Marsh, who has done a lot of work with schools, to celebrate these languages. She created We are Children of the World, which was performed for the first ever time at a concert on 27 June 2018 at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford by 500 pupils from 10 different local primary schools. The piece features folk songs in seven different languages: Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Swahili and Urdu.

Watch the above film to learn more, or listen to the whole performance by clicking on the link below:

We would like as many schools and choirs across the UK and beyond to teach this song to their pupils and members to help start a conversation about the languages spoken in their schools and communities and to have multilingual fun with singing!

Below are all the resources you need to teach the song, including musical score, backing track and Powerpoint guides to learning the piece, which teach you each section of the song line-by-line. You're free to use and perform the song – all we ask is that you let us know when you do use it by emailing us.

We are Children of the World teaching pack

Guide to using the Children of the World teaching pack



Band arrangements

Powerpoint guides to teaching the song (please note that you may need to download the powerpoint slides and enable content in order to see the videos embedded in the guides)

Backing track 

To download the sound files, click on the Soundcloud logo to be taken to Soundcloud, then click on 'More' and you will see the option to download.

Piano and voice recording


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