Languages & creativity

Swiss alps

How language learning can be inspired by a fictional world

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Infographic: which sectors do Modern Languages graduates work in?

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Arabic script

Raw and impassioned: writing multilingual poetry in an Oxford school

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Harry Potter

A crowd-sourced multilingual Harry Potter translation at our LinguaMania event in Oxford featured over 50 different languages
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The research

Seven interlocking research strands investigating the creative dimension of languages - extending from cognition and production through to performance, texts and translation to language learning.

Strand 1.


Embodying Ideas: The Creative Power of Metaphor

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Strand 2.


Creating a Meaningful World: Nature in Name, Metaphor and Myth

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Strand 3.


Creating Intelligibility across Languages and Communities

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Strand 4.

Creative Economy

Languages in the Creative Economy

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Strand 5.

World Literatures

Creativity and World Literatures: Languages in Dialogue

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Strand 6.

Prismatic Translation

Creating New Meanings: Prismatic Translation

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Strand 7.

Language Learning

Linguistic Creativity in Language Learning

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What's happening at Creative Multilingualism

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In Conversation with Patrick McGuinness

Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre, St Anne’s College, Oxford
28 Feb 2017
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Multilingual Reading and Panel Discussion on 'Poetics of Translation'

Docotorow Room, St Edmund Hall, Oxford
28 Feb 2017
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Language Show Scotland

SECC, Glasgow
10 Mar 2017
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